Full Potential Academy

Coaching for couples

Are you both in it for the long run?

Would you like to take your relationship to the next level?

Would you like to understand each other to the smallest details?

What if you could support each other to the fullest?


A transformative programme to rise in love

Take part in self-development sessions and develop your lives together.

Embrace dominant skills and talents while also shedding light on areas that need development and this is where doing it together becomes valuable.

By understanding each other as clearly as daylight, you can use your strengths for the good of the relationship and help each other on an individual level as well.

This hugely improves your individual development and you become a team that grows together, while supporting each other on the path of expansion.

I like to keep sessions as open and flexible as possible.

To give you a general idea, a typical beginning of the journey is 4 x 2-2.5 hours of pure information for the both of you to lay the foundation of future expansion together.

First session – 2 hours – Seeing each other for who we are
Numerology analysis read more about it here
note: as these are coaching sessions designed for participants to discover themselves live, the written format of the analysis is not included

Second session – 2 hours – Grow in love together
Synastry + individual development action plans for you to help each other on the journey

Third session – 2 hours – Unity in love
Facing the present moment – bringing harmony to the relationship – setting goals and prioritizing issues

Fourth session – 2 hours – Unshakeable love
Setting boundaries for yourselves, each other and external factors to manifest your highest possibilities together


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